Remember to Forget

I know the winter
In my life is long and lonely

Close the winter doors—
Burn, smile,
Warm me in the cold winter

I will be a child again
And forget about the world

The moon hides himself
Behind the mountains
The clouds cry
That I can’t see the moonlight

I know happiness is my retired friend
My restless soul,
In a time of sadness
Remember to forget

By Norwan


  1. Burn… that is the word that burns through this poem, through my thoughts, through my skin, through layers and layers of earth, straight down to the molten core.

    And I smile because I know that happiness will not be retired for you. Maybe hiding. But never retired.


  2. Kimberly Eummer says:

    This poem speaks of the coldness of life, things that can not be forgotten, but the beauty that the moon brings in the midst of the storms of life. At night, the moon hides behind the mountain and the clouds, how beautiful, but how sad.

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