A Little Wind


In the darkness of sorrows
Alone on a long road of thought
I search for brightness for minds
Twinkling peace for souls
The right things in wrong
Wrong things for a reason.
The coals are not fully burnt
They embers still have some light.
A little wind can demolish it
Or make it even stronger.
We can keep the light,
if we try.

By Basbibi

Photo by Marcus Vegas


  1. “We can keep the light/ if we try.” Yes, yes, yes. Thank you, Basbibi, for this poignant, hopeful poem.

  2. liz titus says:

    Dearest Basbibi,
    I am so happy to see your poem on the blog! It is awesome. I love the sense that all hope is not lost, even though it is very uncertain.
    Liz Titus

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Basbibi jan,
    It is a great poem which shows your feelings. I really appreciate your thoughts.


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