young woman indoors

She is alone and poor.
She is going to her lonely place again.
She has drifted far from her friends and family.
Full of depression and stress,
She can’t say Allah Hafez to her mom, dad, sisters, and brothers.
Her eyes are full of tears and unsaid words.
Her heart carries a heavy onus,
The burden of isolation,
Of living far from her family.

In spite of this, she is laughing and energetic.
She knows that her mom, sisters, and other family members need this confidence.
She wants to be a brave example for her sisters.
She wants her sisters to learn braveness and courage.
If someone asks about her
You should answer:
“The passenger girl,
She came alone and she went alone too.”
My dear Allah,
Please help her.
She needs your help.

By Friba

Photo by UNHCR