Emaan-I will writeDear Reader:
What a whirlwind year!  Two grant awards enabled us to realize our dreams of acquiring an office that would house our monthly workshops and our very own women’s only Internet café. Today, that café has six desktop computers for our women to use.  More importantly, it’s a place where they can congregate safely and build community.
We will grow tremendously during the next year.  And we need your help to continue providing laptops and Internet sticks for our women.  The cost of supplying one woman with an Internet stick is $50 for just one month, $600 for the entire year.  But we know it is worth it.  We know that giving them the tools to write will enable them to develop the skills they need to lead their country into a peaceful future.
Remember the stories you’ve read this year from Norwan, Mariam, and Seeta. Remember our dear Tabasom who suffered an untimely death in a suicide bombing. Remember that these brave women write because they want to change their country and the world. No small feat. And they need our support.
Please take this time to make an end-of-the-year donation. Do it now.
Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2013!