colorful field and sky

Poetry, that special sense, spills from the bottom part of our hearts,
mixes with the considerations of the mind,
the mind of a special person,
one who is sensitive,
sharp, honest.

With clear conscience,
the senses relate to the brain,
to a way of thinking that Allah gives us—

Look, look at how these gifts are used by the songwriters:

I live a thousand words, all trapped in one.
My heart is breaking, every time you slipped one.
Please come and help me, is there anyone? *

Or this one …

Give me some sunshine.
Give me some rain.
Give me another chance.
Want to grow up once again. **

See, and think—
the beauty of colors
imagine colors in sunshine.
The number of colors is uncountable—

Sometimes I imagine a moment or someone. I hope, hope
to become a great human being.

Why do we think we are not iridescent, like colors?

Our human voices, all different, uncountable.

Why do we think we are not special for the purpose of our own lives?

Why are we not made special for our society?
Why are we not special for our Allah?

The colors.

Give thanks to Allah.

Think about his gifts.

And then ask,

Why do we make for ourselves so much violence and shame in the world?

By Mina T.

* “I live a thousand words ” – song lyrics by Jojo Thornton
** Give Me Some Sunshine – by Bollywood singer in Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots.