Drops of Rain

rain on window

Each drop of rain 
shimmered like a white pearl.  
The clouds hung grayish white, but
when I peered down our small street 
I saw the rain had turned it to mud.
Today it would be tricky to walk down the  
alley but as I went down my road, I
skipped around the holes like I had wings to fly. 
The freest girl in the world 
walking in rain.
Then pearl raindrops changed to hard gray stones 
Was the sky now stoning me
Like society?   
Now I was in jail, the one society makes to
punish girls who dare to bring change. 
I asked myself, 
Why put myself in the jail of Hejab?
Am I the same girl who runs on my street?
Am I not Hila, who wants to free her sisters from culture’s chains?
Why put myself in the Hejab jail?
I wondered, 
Do we live for society?
Or do we remake society for ourselves?
The pearly rain had washed away the covering, 
unveiling my hidden wish to change our lives.
By Hila G.


  1. liz titus says:

    Dearest Hila,
    This is such a powerful, vivid, honest poem! You set the scene so perfectly, with your walk in the rain, the streets turned to mud. And then, the pearls become rocks, and you have an awakening! Just brilliant!
    You look deep inside yourself and find your purpose once again, and that is to help your sisters, free them from “culture’s chains.” The image of these chains is so precise! And I agree with you, that deeply embedded cultural traditions put people in prison.

    Looking forward to more,

  2. What a poem! What a stunning piece, Hila. You had me from “white pearl.” That opening stanza is elegant, a painting. And then to end with the word “mud.” I felt like I stepped right into it. Good. We should all feel that way. That is the power of good writing.

    In my mind, keep going back to the word stunning. I admire how you accomplish so much in 5 stanzas of 4 lines each. You give us beautiful, dynamic, poignant images. You ask important questions. You make the reader consider these questions. You give us hope. You leave us with feeling, and with much to ponder. Well done.


  3. Very Powerful! I just loved the way you expend the rain drops.
    I loved the last part “Do we live for society? Or do we remake society for ourselves?”
    Very powerful and strong question!

  4. Dear Hila,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem. Wow! It is really powerful. Please keep writing, would like to hear from you more. Your thoughts are highly appreciated.
    Your friend

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