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University Boy!

At one of the last days during exams in December I was at the library using the Internet, when a boy came and asked me to use my ID and toplease print his file. I opened his flash drive, but it didn’t work. He left and came back, but again the flash drive didn’t work.

I said to him, “Use my flash and bring me your file to print.”  He did, and I printed it.

Then he asked me, “Please give me your flash drive for my class today.” So I gave it to him and asked him to bring it back to me tomorrow. He wrote down his mobile phone number for me and I took the paper.

The next day, I sent him a text message asking him to bring my flash. But when I saw him in the cafeteria of the university he said, “Oh, sorry I forgot to bring your flash.”

I put my purse and my mobile on the table and went to bring back tea. He had taken my mobile and transferred my credit to his phone. After this when I was going to class, I wanted to make a call and discovered there was no balance left in my account. I called the company.

This boy doesn’t admit to having done this, and told my friends I was lying! Tell me what to do with this kind of person?


Questions and Answers

Q: What do Afghan women need most?
A: Afghan women need peace for a comfortable life. And they need to find a way continue their education.

Q: Do Afghan women have the right to choose their way in life and what to do?
A: Afghan women can improve their life if the environment lets them.

Q:  Can women in other parts of the world try to help with ways to support the Afghan women?
A: I think they could help with scholarships to support Afghan women to continue their education in foreign countries. This way Afghan women can improve their skills and help their families and their country.

Q: What do I want and what do I need for my future?
A: I need an organization to support me to continue my education, especially with writing and painting.

Thank you,
Yalda J.

Photo: Colleen Taugher


  1. liz titus says:

    Dearest Yalda,
    What a story you have shared! You were generous with this boy, you trusted him, and look how he paid you back! I honestly do not know what to say. It is so hard when you try to be kind, and get kicked for your kindness. But I believe that kindness does matter, and hope that you will not give up.
    And I agree with your suggestions about better educations for girls.
    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Yalda: In America, there’s an educator/motivational speaker named Wayne Dyer who says: “how people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” I believe you have reacted with grace and understanding. Yes, you were treated horribly by this “university boy.” But I appreciate that you chose to pursue empathy by writing about the situation. I also appreciate that you then asked these vital questions. Here’s to more support, empathy, and trustworthy peers coming your way!

    Best wishes,

  3. Dear Yalda,
    It is a great story happen with me too with other issue but instead of boy, girl was there to treat me the same. You should not give up and try to help more poeple however they react or treat you horribly. You help others and God will help you, although the person do not but God will help you. There is a saying in my language ( you will harvest what you plant ).
    So keep your help with others and you will recieve help in one way or another.
    Keep writing.
    Seema Kakar

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