Hands to Hold

holding hands under burqas

There are many hands to hold your hand,
But you’re looking for the one person who will hug you.

There are people to look at you,
But who has eyes to see into your heart?

There are readers for your stories,
But can they understand the meaning?

There are people who feel sorry for you,
But who among them will support you?

We learn not to share feelings with everyone;
Not everyone will understand

What it means to feel lost,
And be hopeless.

We are all looking for that one person
Who will give us hope to live and to be alive.

By Shogofa

AP Photo/Altaf Qadri


  1. Dear Shogofa: I read your poem, and each stanza says so much… “There are people who feel sorry for you/But who among them will support you?”…shaking my head over here because that is so true…pity is an important emotion, but in the end, what does that do for the pitied? Perhaps spares them a harsher encounter, but when we’re in trouble, we need help, and it can be a lonely trek to find the person who might actually step from their path and help another person–I mean, really help. And I write that understanding that not all of us can help all of us…and I write this with hope that all of us will find the special helpers, the special loved ones, who at a given time of need, will appear…

    …and I know what you mean about learning not to share feelings with everyone…I feel I am an open person, but I have learned to be careful about who I share certain thoughts and dreams with… not everyone has the right ears. And that is OK. Or, at least I’ve come to understand that as OK. What else can you do? :)

    Thank you for writing this, Shogofa. You tell strong truths in a lovely way.


  2. liz titus says:

    Dearest Shogofa,
    I was proud to work with you on this amazing poem!
    Stacy has “said it all” in terms of what the poem really means, so I will simply add my feeling that you have a deep understanding of human nature at a young age.

  3. This is really beautiful. It touched my heart. Keep writing and fight the darkness around you with poetry.

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