suicide blast in Kabul

Everywhere is dark like a night without stars
Silence has taken over
Blood has covered the alleys and streets
The houses have been damaged
The gun’s sound has been the song in our ears
Dead bodies, barefoot children
Women crying, people dying from hunger
Fathers selling their children for money

Our street is filled with tanks and bombs
We no longer hear children flying their kites
It seems we have forgotten how to smile
No one smiles

It seems just a few are left alive
But without hopes for the future
Without feelings
We could be counted as dead bodies

Fear of talking about bringing change has taken over
Everyone wears black
Everyone is mournful
I am stuck with thousands of questions in my head

What has happened to us?
Why does everyone cry?

I know the answers
But they are not stopping me
I will learn from what has happened
I will move on
I will take the rest with me

Oh, my dear country!
Oh, my pride!
I will build you once again.

By Zahra A.

Photo: People react seconds after a suicide blast targeting a Shiite Muslim gathering in Kabul on December 6, 2011. A suicide bomber attacked a Shiite Muslim shrine in central Kabul where a crowd of hundreds had gathered for the festival of Ashura, killing scores of people in what appeared to be an unprecedented sectarian attack. (Najibullah Musafer/Reuters).