Tears from the Abaseen

indus river

I have been through many wars
Wars that took my parents away from my nation
And from the world

I have heard my brothers screaming
Seen them crying silently
Found their tears in the Abaseen River
The blood of my people in Harirood

Is this what we were born for?
Is war all we will ever know?
Do we want to kill so others may live?
Or can we change?

My brothers are barefoot in the snow
Sleeping jammed together
And dead outside
Their rights and thoughts have been destroyed
I never wanted this life
This life as difficult as any in the world

I am a sinless member of my society
My heart a dewdrop
And still people humiliate me and accuse me of crimes
We can end these wars only through education
But no one lets me go to school

How can I have the solution?
When will these wars end?
When will I have a peaceful life?

Hope tells me to keep going
And within me
Hope remains

By Basbibi

The Indus River, also known as the Abaseen (“Father of All Rivers”), which flows from the Himalayas through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. Photo by M. Atif Saeed.


  1. Elizabeth Titus says:

    Dearest Basbibi,
    It was a privilege to work with you on this wonderful poem!

    I love the title. And now I know about the Father of All Rivers. Lovely image.

    All the best,

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you very much dear Liz-
      I really did not know if it is published and its on blog. I really love it.

      Thank you both for your efforts you put on editing it Liz and Susan.

      Thank you- My bests

  2. So profound, Basbibi. “We can end these wars only through education/yet nobody lets me go to school.” This hurts my heart and head to read this., but it is so true.

    “My heart is a dewdrop”… I will always remember that line.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and moving poem, Basbibi. Thank you!

  3. Basbibi, are you not the girl who wrote her first poem not many days ago? Who said she could not write expressively? You will move this world as surely as you move the heart of your reader. You take this world by storm, Basbibi.

  4. Elisabeth Lehr says:

    Basbibi jan,

    You speak for so many in your beautiful and sad poem. Thank you for your words.

  5. Hello, Dear Basbibi
    You are the best writer I really like it I want to be like you the best writer.
    It makes me happy and I feel it good.
    I love your story.
    Thank you

  6. shamim says:

    the words of your imagination touch hearts, your words’re intoxicated with beauty- love it

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