girl in dust storm

On the other side of life
A girl becomes a bride and achieves her wishes
She wished to find love and start a new life
She is very happy
Her wishes bloom into color
Like flowers in nature
Red, green, blue. 

But on this side of life
some people and family members carry a bier of a girl to the cemetery grave  
and bury her bier with all of her wishes
and lots of unsaid words. 

On the other side, girls put henna on the bride’s hands and feet 
She smiles about her wishes with her henna colors  
She imagines her future in her hands
flowered with henna. 

On this side of the life, women wear white clothes to her bier 
She wears her life’s final clothing: the kafan  
On this side, all are crying and full of sadness 
Everywhere you see pain, fear, and desperation.

On that side, all are dancing and singing songs
They all dance the Attan
The song of the groom 
The wedding night my hand is hugging your hand now
I love you
This golden circle is a memento
Memento of love, truth, and tolerance
And the bride and groom come together to start a new life forever.

But on this side, it is the final sight of a girl for her family and friends
She becomes hidden from all eyes
She sleeps forever and does not answer any question.  

What is the nature of life?  
Someone is happy and laughs
But another cries and is full of sadness 
Yes, this is life’s nature
For some, time is too short for being unhappy
While others bear hate and revenge.

Oh, my dear friend, come with me and give this message to all 
Love and forgive each other 
Start a new life full of love 
Banish unhappiness and sadness from others. 

By Friba

Reuters photo.