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“I, Fatima, am the one who lost everything.”

Everything started on the day Fatima met Hekmat. After that she lost everything. Hekmat was twenty-nine. He deceived her and took everything from her. 

“I chose by my own decision to be engaged to him. I felt it was a love marriage. But Hekmat was a bad man and my family was not in agreement with this marriage. My family said to everyone how if Fatima married Hekmet, she would have to make a choice. ‘It is either your family or Hekmet,’ my family told me. ‘Choose Hekmat and you should forget us all. We will never let you back into our home. We know that one day you will regret marrying him and you will have lost your family because of a man who will eventually leave you.’ ”

Unfortunately, the family’s warning came true.

Fatima did not understand that Hekmat only wanted her for her money. She was from a rich family with servants and a car and driver. He was jobless. She was blind because of love. She left her family behind and went to Hekmat’s house without a wedding party. 

Her husband’s mother was cruel to her from the start. Every day her mother-in-law said to her, “You deceived my son. You are a bad girl because your family did not agree with your marriage but you left them anyway.”

Sometimes Hekmat hit her, saying, “If you love me, give me all your money along with the house that you have.”

Poor Fatima thought that if she gave her house to him it would save her and he would be kind to her. So she gave him her own house and all her money and her gold. Now she has nothing left for herself except for a baby girl. 

Fatima cries but she can’t change anything. Her family didn’t want her back and if she were to leave her husband, the father would claim her daughter. Hekmat tells her she is old and ugly and he brought home a second wife. How can it be possible for a woman to let her husband became friends with another girl right in front of her? Fatima made it possible, and Hekmat’s mother helped. She said to Fatima, “I will allow my son to get engaged to another girl because you are very old.” 

So now they all live together in Fatima’s own house. “If you want to stay in this house, you should become our servant and do all the work for my new wife. If you want to go, you can go alone and leave my daughter here,” Hekmat said to Fatima.

Fatima is regretful of her marriage but her family does not want to support her. She has lost her mother, father, brother, sisters, her house, her money, and now she lives with a terrible man who broke her belief in love.

“I am the one who lost everything,” she says. 

By Leeda

Photo: Shah Marai