heart street art

Life is the same, every day. I wake up early in the mornings with stress, rushing, complaining, and forgetting from morning until evening, like a machine.

Leaving the house I see my neighbor, but we don’t say hello, or even smile to each other; he always looks at the ground and gives me no chance to ask him how he is. I connect with the world through my Facebook, but can’t have contact with my next-door neighbor.

When I am tired, I remember my dear coffee. I picture some of my friends smoking and drinking… by the end of the week I dream of going to visit a friend so that we could waste our time by backbiting and saying each other’s faults and laughing.

When I eat lunch and dinner, I think of nothing but the taste of the food and my stupid stomach! I waste the remaining foods in the garbage, and at the end I go to bed and sleep like a bear. 

I am always so careful to clean and wash everything in the house, use wonderful perfume on my body, and iron my clothes. But there’s no time to sit in front of my heart, no time to sit in the garden of my soul and water the flowers of my thoughts and feelings. 

I remember to clean my office desk, but forget to clean the dust from my heart. This is the main problem for me and may be for you, dear reader!

Most of the time, nothing can make me happy or relax. Not the future dreams for a house and a car—which would be the new model of the year. Not the clothes I would design with world-famous designers. Not even planning a holiday. Watching the news, seeing horrible things happen every day, I think “Oh, it was just a journalist making that report for his job.” Reading a book about immigrants who drowned in the sea, I think “Well,  that’s the business of the writer.” Then I eat, forgetting the millions of people all over the world who die from hunger.

All these things makes me wonder how to find a solution that can make me satisfied. How to heal my soul, and relax and thank myself and the universe for all that I have. I can’t find anything for solving this problem except Love.

Today, in our modern lives, we really have lack of love in our life. The only thing that can teach us everything is love, love, and love.

Waking up in the middle of the night, thinking, I have found out that I am not far away from love.

I need only to clean the dust from my heart and open its window for the fresh air. Because I believe that love is in the air, everywhere, and you and I need to just breathe it deeply, my dear.

By Norwan

Art by Dede in Tel Aviv.