Paradise is the end of Love
Love has no place in Paradise
Ahura Mazda* said that . . .
but I prefer
the hell of being with you . . .

What do you know about achromatic
and about black
or pure white
when a multicolor mob
has bruised your heart and eye
for many years?

When in love, convalescence
peels off your heart.
Let Eternity be your flight;
let Eternity be your need
and your beginning . . .

Will the injured bird’s heart inside the lion’s skin,
with all the silence of modesty, eager,
heal by the touch of angel wings?
We are told: Love is Elixir
But an angel doesn’t know love!

Mary in the shrine,
Abraham between fires,
Jesus Christ on the cross,
al-Hallaj** over the gallows,
an awful aspect of love . . .
And I am crucified—
Hey! The lost one in yourself.

You opened your hands’ window
Took me
The floods of your beauty

Don’t put your hair down long—

I am afraid that I lose the moon!

A dog was running elegantly
In a city of statues

Here all wishes reach you,
but love
is crying without you.

With an igneous soul
under the wet sky,
the rain washes my face.

By Fatima F.

* Ahura Mazda is a deity in Zoroastrianism
** al-Hallaj is a Persian mystic who was hanged in 922

Photo: Faravahar, the visual aspect of Ahura Mazda. Relief from the ancient site of Persepolis, Iran.