I Have a Dream

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Knowing that nothing comes true, or at least not often, I have a dream. It’s not one dream, but a number of wishes together and I confess to a bit of selfishness because this dream is for me and my family. My family is my world; it is my antidote to all my miseries, hardship, and pain.

But first, if a woman wants to achieve anything in life, she must have a high level of endurance. Whether with laughter or tears, she must pass many hurdles to achieve her dreams.

My professional dream is to become an expert social scientist. It will take time and the path is full of challenges, tears, and mental torture as well as achievements. I must face arguments and back biting trying to lead a group of people towards agreement in my job as a Gender Coordinator. But Insha’Allah I will pass over these hurdles and reach my goal.

But, if I achieve anything, it is for my family also. My dream is to be happy and contented in life. That means I should be a mother whom my children can be proud of. 

I dream that my husband will be with me all my life and as successful as he is now. I have a dream of a well-built, sweet house—where we can live happily without feeling shortcomings.

My Lord has provided me with opportunities to avail so that some of my dreams may start to come true in 2013.

This is the year to buy a house, Insha’allah. It is the year my daughter will start school. And this is the year to buy the good car that we have wished for. But the foremost and biggest dream I have is for my family and me to be good practicing and believing Muslims.

By Saifora 

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  1. Dearest Saifora: I love your dreams! I wish all of these dreams come true for you. I especially love this line: “My family is my world; it is my antidote to all my miseries, hardship, and pain.” Actually, it is hard to single out lines to love because everything here is very beautiful and heartfelt. I wish you luck in your studies and I wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous future. Stacy

  2. Renate Callahan says:

    Humble and yet big wishes, shared by so many women and families around the globe. I wish you happiness and tenacity in your pursuit.

  3. liz titus says:

    Dear Saifora,
    Your dream is the dream of so many — “to be happy and contented in life” It is so basic, and yet, for millions in our turbulent world, seemingly unattainable.
    You have the strength and love of family and religion and country that you will need to reach your goal!
    All the best,

  4. Dear Saifora,
    What an admirable dream it is! It sounds like you’re well on your way to achieving it. I’ll be rooting for you!

  5. A lovely dream, Saifora. Best wishes to your family!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    Dear Saifora,
    Your dream is simple and direct. Ultimately, not different than what we all dream, yet you face hurdles we are mostly free from in the West. I hold you and your dream in my heart, wish you great success, and thank you for sharing your dream with us.



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