If Love Took Over My Country

Exploding car

What would happen…
If love took over my country?
Would we become a happy and united people
Where the world hears only happy news about us
All the time, on all the channels?

Would there be no tension, no worries, no anger?
No corruption
No fraud
No violence
No sound of gunfire
No rockets, no war, no suicide attacks
No killing?

Would there be peace and happiness?
Love and support and enjoyment and respect
Trust and forgiveness, kindness and sympathy,
Humanity and freedom?
Would people smile while walking on the street?
And sleep at home in peace and quiet
While enjoying life
without fear?

By Yalda

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul


  1. I don’t know if more important questions will be asked, Yalda. We need peace. We all need peace. Here’s to an immediate love takeover, in your country and mine, too!

  2. Sister, I wonder the same thing about my country. What if love took over America…I mean…really took it over. Our interventions would be gentle, contagious, and …wow the thought of this is overwhelming.

    What if love took over the world? Every living thing at peace, imagining this is quite nice.
    Love, Leni in Los Angeles, California USA

  3. It’s a wonderful exercise to imagine a love-filled Afghanistan, or other society. Thank you for taking me to that imaginary world in my mind. Forgiveness, sympathy, freedom — we need so much more of these things in our lives. Your poem is a necessary reminder of that.

  4. Therese Close says:

    Yalda, I pray that all of these things that you speak of so eloquently will come true in your lifetime. They are your birthright.


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