GRE testbook

I sit in the corner of my room
Staring at my pale chicken soup
My books scattered around me
Filled with numbers and words
The only word I see is the white
“GRE” on the purple background
Sometimes I feel passion, other times none
Desires cling to my mind
But they do not land in my heart
Where am I heading?
I do not know what I want
I have plans, but the uncertainty
makes them shrink to nothing
Why nothing?
Why should I feel so useless?
I am not lost in dreams that can never come true
I am lost in how to make my dreams real
Lost in the boredom of too much to do
And not knowing what I want most
The picture of man on the GRE book smiles
And says, “You can do it.”
I must find a clue, a hint.
These are the thoughts of a student in her senior year
Lost and confused about the future.

By Mahnaz