two on mountain

Surrounded by silence
every moment spoke to us
but we were silent
loving to be together yet afraid to lose each other
we remained silent as sky and earth spoke to us

Time has gone by so quickly since we met
I want to keep those moments my entire life
the beautiful universe surrounding us
unable to express our feelings
we heard our heart’s voices

We will never meet again
I will never see you again
I miss you.
So many words to say
so many pains to share
my heart could burst

As silence surrounds us
we will part, but our souls will be together
wherever you are, I will be there

By Shogofa


  1. What a beautiful poem, Shogofa. I hope the person who shared those moments with you will be able to read this. What a gift you created for the both of you. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Dear Shogofa,
    The intensity of this relationship is so beautifully depicted in a short number of (very well-chosen) words. Communicating through “heart’s voices” is something we can all relate to even though we’ve probably never heard described in exactly those words. What a lovely surprise to read a love poem with such originality.

  3. Mustafa says:

    If words Could say what I feel for you,
    I Would cherish them in my heart,
    I Would warm them in my hands,
    I Would Whisper them in your ear.

    And If I Keep my silence,
    I Hope you will understand,
    That words are only words,
    So I just at you and smile…..
    My Inexoressible love.

    I can’t find the words
    that could tell what i feel deep inside
    I can’t find the Voice to speak to your heart
    I can’t fined the feelings to show you I Care

    I don’t know what to say

    I feel like i am falling in love everytime i see you.
    I feel like you were ment for only me
    I feel like I need you with all of my heart
    But i still dont know what to say

    I want to tell you that you are my world
    with this voice that rings in my head
    And I want to show you
    that I love you more that you could know
    with this _expression that is locked in my heart
    I want to say to you that you are my all

    but u still can’t find the words to say

    I Love You Till the END…..

    I have reposted this, its not mine but kinda felt myself in it dedicated to the most talented girl
    Study hard

    warm wishes


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