July 2012 protest march

Woman …
A mother who gives birth to a child lives to
protect the child, no matter what happens to her.
A daughter, forced to marry,
lives the life she never wanted only to uphold her
father’s words and promises.
A sister, she is treated as a slave by her brother
but she still obeys his command.

Woman …
Seen by people as a toy to play with and
later to be thrown away.
Tolerated for the glory of the family
and the respect of the father.
Beaten to death if she starts to dream
Beaten, raped, killed.
Exchanged to pay off a debt
Or sold to earn a profit for the father.

Woman …
A word that has lost its value
in our society. She’s a human,
with a heart, a soul, wishes, and dreams.
Full of power and passion to fight
for her rights and freedom.
Beaten, yet undefeated,
she stands with great power
once again to fight.

Woman …
Me and you

By Marzia N.

An Afghan protestor shouts slogans during a demonstration in support of female victims of abuse and violence in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, July. 11, 2012. Dozens of men and women took to the streets of Kabul Wednesday to protest the recent brutal, execution-style killing of a married Afghan woman accused of adultery. Image: Ahmad Jamshid/Associated Press.