flying sparrow

Once more,
open the door,
and I will
be, I can
a success.

Every night dreaming
my future, imagining
my dreams—

I am a sparrow in a cloudy, stormy sky
I want to fly far away
I am a sparrow who never fled from a fly,

Today, I can’t resist
this storming
               stalling me.
Why can’t I go and fly,
what’s the matter, what my sin?

Being an Afghan girl—
(self-defense: resisting the situation,
raising my voice),

once more
I want to open the door
and go ahead!
How can I fly with this scar of a heart,

of relatives; I’d hoped to be like steel,
strong like a tiger
to reach my goals
I will never give up, I will go on and go on
once more, I want to open the door!

By Nelab

Photo by Richard Hurd.