She was so sad and regretful for what she did
Do you know why she was like that?
She had such pain—because of what?
Because she was not tough and badly in need!

“Keep them, grind for the winter, we need to eat,”
Bring in the wheat, her husband had said.
What could you do, if you were she?
Nothing at home, not any candy, and guests to receive.

With fear and tears, she filled a bowl out of the wheat,
Went to the shop, it was in the village,
Changed it to candy to welcome guests
The lady was without support, lived in Obi, a far district.

Husband was known, then she was hardly beaten by him
He asked her “Why did she diminish the bag of wheat?”
She wanted to ignore him, but she knew that wouldn’t do,
Her face got pale, and her eyes filled with tears.

Now the poor lady, without support, was beaten by him
Children around were crying loudly with kinds of grief
“Dad, stop beating for God, she will not repeat
We do not want wheat and will not in winter eat.”

Poor woman, thinking what a bitter destiny she faced
Who and what will take her out of sadness?
Looked at her children—hugged each of them
She ate raticide, cried clouds, and without any help, her life ended.

By Hassina

Photo by Diane Loft