In the Kabul province in the neighborhood of Cinema Pamir, one girl named Sahar lived in an educated family.

She was very beautiful, and she graduated from school and university. But she had the bad luck to be married to an illiterate boy.

After her marriage, her husband told her that wives don’t work outside of the house.

She asked, “Why? I am a literate woman. I should go out and work to make a future for our life.”

Then her mother-in-law said to her son, “When I was young, your father was very violent with me and now I am telling you to do violence on your wife. Don’t give her permission to work outside the home.”

Finally Sahar said, “I want a divorce.”

Her husband said, “No, you are my wife. I won’t give you a divorce.”

She was very sick with diabetes. Because of these problems and her husband’s violence, Sahar died.

By Sadaf

Photo: Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images