quetta mourning

Editor’s note: This poem was written for the victims of the February 16, 2013, bomb attack that killed eighty-four in Quetta, Pakistan, home to many Afghan Hazara immigrants. Our writer says, “It was two days after that, when people were sitting next to their beloved ones, waiting for justice from the government. Mothers were making breakfast for their lost children and they brought it to them next to their bodies. This was written for them.”

In search of a better life I left my country
I found happiness in your land
I made a house of my dreams,
small but very peaceful.
I worked for your land, for your people,
Giving my blood, my passion, my love to you
I accepted you as one of mine
You were my new family.
We are the same,
Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist.
These are just terms that divide us,
We are human.

Why kill each other
Why do you treat me as a stranger
Why am I different
Why should I forgive you for the way you looked at me
Why does no one hear the cries, the tears of loss
Why do my people in Quetta suffer?
Why should I forgive the people who did this?
Why don’t we learn we are all the same
Why forgive these cruelties.

By Marzia N.

Photo: Banaras Khan /AFP/Getty Images