Editor’s note: This poem was written during a workshop with our Kabul writers. The work was supported in part by the Fetzer Institute. More poems and stories on love and forgiveness will be published in coming weeks.

The triad holds us —
Life, love, forgiveness,
This everything of life’s river.
We begin at home,
with family, with forgiveness there.
For without it,
there is no friendship
there. Forgiveness nurtures
the home, need never be disputed.
I am a Muslim woman.
I do not incite problems.
I love. I forgive.
It begins in my home — friendship
within my family, with my community,
with the world.
I wish patience for myself,
for my community,
for this world.
We cannot live
without love.

By the Kabul writers
Fowzia, Marjan, Mnzhgh, Sadaf & Zuhal

UN Photo / Eric Kanalstein; graphic by Blatman Design