I want to break the rule and say I am in love
My people taught me not to love someone because I am a woman
Because I am a girl
Because of my gender
Because of my culture
Because of my religion
No! God is not against love.
He loves the one who is in love.

I am in Love
I am a girl and I am in love
Let me love the one who I want
Let me choose the one who I love
Let me experience what love is
Let me have something that I want for myself

Men can fall in love but women cannot
We do not have heart?
We do not have feeling?
We do not have choice?
We are not human?

Love is pure
Love is holy
Love is valuable
It is not against the law
It is not against religion
It is not against culture
It is not against humanity

But if it is against the rule
I want to break this rule and say
I am in love

And I love that I am in love

By Rahela

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute.