Family of Love


Of Love—Forgiveness
We think too much and feel too little.
       — Charlie Chaplin

Because we cannot live without each other,
Because our hearts are made of this thing called love,
Because we can use her name
To good.
Light your way from darkness.
Love others to be loved.
Respect others to be respected.
Be alive but live for others
Love doesn’t prefer—she is only honest.

Allah first made our hearts with love.
This world, made for us, in the name of love,
For us to be together
We must live in peace—without fight.

Love makes no choices, she doesn’t prefer.
What kind of person can do this work of forgiveness—for
work it is, the work of love. 

Because we feel too little when we think only 
of ourselves. Allah has forgiven us
for our mistakes

Be kind—


Be with each other, sisters.
Love is the goal, goodness the character.
A human life to live—
Because we only want a good life.
Because we only want to try. 
Because we mean to have love in our one precious,
holy life. We are all just searching,
searching to feel secure,


Loved, forgiving.
Because we cannot live without each other.
Try those things that not everyone is able to do.
Because love is happiness—
the doorway to forgiveness
The warm spirit of love breeds the comfort of forgiveness.
Leave behind your inner fears.
We cannot buy this love we need—it is not
For sale.
Because we can do good when someone else has done bad,
Because we know the answer is goodness
This we know.
Play on the piano, the keys of my heart—
black, white, red and all the notes
Of love will make the song of love
Because we share our soul.
By the Kabul Writers: Sayara, Tamana, Basbibi, Maryam, Zahra, Seema, Basima, Asma, Yalda J.

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute


  1. “Because we can do good when someone else has doen bad” — thank you for this line, and for this entire group poem. This, here, is our possibility. So much wrong and suffering around us, but, with grace, with our own actions, there is hope. Best to you all. Stacy

  2. Keep writing, ladies! We are listening!

  3. Suzanne Scarfone says:

    Because we cannot live without each other,
    Because our hearts are made of this thing called love,
    Because we can use her name
    To good.

    Your poem approaches love from all perspectives. It is full of hope and strength.
    Thank You,

  4. I was so impressed by this poem — and surprised when I got to the end and found it was a group effort. You have all created a unified, strong voice and love sings on the page. Lovely work with an uplifting, message about the power of love. Well done!

  5. Scott Beal says:

    The repetition of “because” gives the poem’s voice power, like a call to arms. “Because we feel too little when we think only / of ourselves” is my favorite line. It shows the folly of selfishness — that in trying to focus on one’s own needs only, one denies oneself the wholeness of life and love which are greater than anyone alone.

    Thank you,

  6. There are so many good lines that conveyed such strong emotion. Such a beautiful and strong poem. The narrator’s voice guides us through it, and makes us see how we are connected to the world around us, and the other people in our life. Lovely. Thank you for writing this.

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