limburger cheese

Here you go once again
Life put in a tough time
Is it really true?
Are we not going to see each other anymore?
You have been the reason I have continued my learning
This heart will never forget you
As long as I am alive

The tired and cold grasses
The dry tree next to me
The cold and broken bench I am sitting on
They are all witness to it

You may think you are not special
But you have been my parents when I was away from them
You are the big sister I have always missed
Miss Connie, my teacher,
I may not give you anything special
But you have always been in my thoughts

Even though life has let me down many times
Broke me in many pieces
I promise every piece of me will be connected again
Surely, it is true my parents have brought me up
They have told me about life, my country, my religion
Escaped from war to keep me safe
Educated me, loved me, and kept me in their hearts
However, you have taught me about the world

Miss Connie, I remember one of the first classes I had with you
You had a German cheese with bread
It gave me ideas about Germany
After that day I always looked forward to your class
I remember the time I travelled with you
For the first time without my parents
You made me calm
Even at that time you were teaching me
You cleaned my tears with the new English words
I forgot about worrying about being far away from home

Miss Connie, you deserve every happiness in life
I’ll walk towards you until I reach you
One day I will reach my goals
I promise the first one who I will share with will be you

By Farahnaz