My Afghan People

death 2013-04-04

My people, my Afghan people
Not men
Not women
Not any other ethnic group, but
My people, my Afghan people
I am proud of you
of our history
and strength
My people, my Afghan people
The world is watching
Your story breaks hearts
War is exhausting, but still you deal
Again bodies and death lie everywhere
and blood runs like a river
But still you survive and hope for better
I feel your pain, but can do nothing
I see how you suffer
How tears blind you
We lost our home, we lost our family
We live on the street
but we still hope for peace
Still I see you smiling.

But my people
We are following the wrong path
War made us wild
We are killing our own nation
My people
Hold hands and stand for peace
Break the ethnic division
Be one nation
Embrace children on the street
Give them love, and joy
They need it
My people, my Afghan people
It is time to speak up
It is time to step up
War has changed us
We cannot build and have
Peace when we keep fighting

Hungry for education
Eager for peace and love
My eyes fill with tears
When I read your sad story
My heart breaks
when I see my country killed
and distorted by war
My people, my Afghan people
Don’t let other people take your land
It is our land, our mother land
It is precious more than our life
My people, my Afghan people
I can’t see our history sold
I can’t promise I bring peace
But I promise I will hold your hand
I am beside you
My people, my Afghan people

By Shogofa

Photo: Afghan army soldiers stand around a killed Taliban, dressed as an Afghan army soldier, in the destroyed courthouse in Farah, western Afghanistan, Thursday, April 4, 2013. Suicide bombers disguised as Afghan soldiers stormed a courthouse Wednesday in a failed bid to free more than a dozen Taliban prisoners in western Afghanistan, officials said. Tens of people, including the nine attackers were reported killed in the fighting. The assault in Farah province was the latest example of the Taliban’s ability to strike official institutions despite tight security measures. (AP Photo/Hoshang Hashimi)


  1. Hello
    I read your Poem and for five minutes, I was close to you, your feelings and your country.
    Someday, the war will end. you will build a new society. You will start a new story, you and your dear Afghan People.
    Courage Shagofa

  2. “My people, my Afghan people…my people, my Afghan people!” I wish they could record you and play you on the radio, play on the TV dear Shogofa, every day, every night. This is a beautiful, gut-wrenching call to love, written by a woman with a heart full of peace. I hope this poem is read and heard all over the world. All best to you, Stacy

  3. liz titus says:

    Dearest Shogofa,

    I agree with Stacy! It is such a powerful poem, a plea, for the war to end. Your voice is strong and clear, and you bring hope to a tragic situation.

    All the best,

  4. beth grader says:

    Shogofa, I stand beside you and hold your hand as an American woman while, you as an Afghan woman, stand up for education and peace. You will educate us and we will educate you. Only together can we stop this cycle of war and suffering. Your “Afghan people” are my people too!

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