My Hapless Home

bombsite in Kabul

I don’t know where I lost my home
I lost my way, my family, and friends

Where have I come?
Here the sun does not rise
The trees do not grow
It’s always winter
Never summer.

Where have I come?
A silent place
No laughter on faces
No happy souls
Even the children
look like death
Tired and scared.

Why can’t I find my home?
The way is dark with the smoke of bombings
I recognize nothing on these streets of war
Everything has changed.

By Hila G.

Photo by Steve McCurry


  1. Elizabeth Titus says:

    Oh, dear Hila, this is so powerful, strong, and frightening, as well as very visual.

    How I long for happier days for your people. Never give up hope.

  2. Farahnaz Roman says:

    soo well said honey. i liked ur poem and truly hope one day this darkness give its places to brightness the brightness of just like the sun and we will find our homes full of love and happiness inshallah :)

  3. Amena Rezai says:

    It was great poem Hila jan keep going and one day our country improve and every thing will change positive .

  4. When even the children “look like death” … those words are very hard to read, much less fully imagine… I hope you can find your home, the beautiful green world of peace, as soon as humanly posible.


  5. Antoinette Douglas says:

    Hila, very good poem it was very touching. I keep thinking of the words you stated why can’t I find home? it makes you think of the war and a sad kid. Keep up the good wok!!!

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