Small Heart


I have hidden a world in my small heart,
a world full of love and feelings,
with hidden desires and wishes,
wishes that make me write.
A world so far from my world.
The world of love,
far from crying voices,
far from harsh ones.
There is no place for hate here.
In that other world I want to forget
all pain and start a new life
of sunshine, warmth.
I want to paint my world
the color of happiness.
Every night, I see an angel in my dreams.
She takes my hand and leads me
to the garden of my wishes,
filled with colorful flowers.
There are no broken flowers here,
no dry leaves. Only
the voices of the birds, singing songs,
celebrating new life.
This angel makes all my dreams come true.
By Hila G. 

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute.


  1. You touched my heart. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful work! Your talent inspires me!

  3. Carole Vila says:

    Your poem is beautiful, Hila G.

  4. Peter Markus says:

    This is a poem within a poem, Hila:

    “There are no broken flowers here,
    no dry leaves. Only
    the voices of the birds, singing songs.”

    Imagine such a place. I am. Thank you.

  5. May you be visited by that angel everyday in your waking dreams. May peace be yours all of the time. I would wish for you creativity, but that is already yours. Thank you for these beautiful gift of a poem. Stacy

    P.S. I began a piece by quoting from you: – I hope people quote you again and again!

  6. Arshad says:

    Just wonderful !!!

  7. Suzanne Scarfone says:

    6th Grade Student, Detroit

    I wish you a lot of faith. Look at the sky and say, “I am a powerful girl, and I love myself the way I am.” Do not ever turn your back on yourself. You’re too powerful and strong for that. I wish you could look in my eyes and say, ” I love the way I am and I do not want to change.”

  8. “There is no place for hate here.” This line speaks to me the most. If we don’t make a place for it to live it cannot dwell.

  9. Sarah L says:

    Dear Hila,
    I have chosen your poem to read at our poetry reading session tonight – in Australia. I hope you are happy for me to do so. I will use your poem to promote an event in our local library where people will be reading aloud the work of Afghan women. Here in Australia, you are in our thoughts, and we also wish that all your dreams come true.
    Thank you for your work,

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