My nation is my blood and my mother;
I was born and raised in my nation’s soil.

I went barefoot in the summer haze,
grassed my cows,
fed them all,
thinking that one day, I will have a big FARM,
having my cows and my loved ones all together
where people will not hurt them.

But in my NATION today, I see people killing each other!
Brothers kill sisters and sisters kill sisters “ONLY FOR MONEY.”
My cows were innocent; I could not see them cry.
But today! I see my people cry, leaning over the earth.

Today, my people sell their lands, their sisters, their brothers, and their body’s organs.
They sell their fathers for nothing and their mothers, forsaking their love.
TODAY, our emotions only work if we are aroused by somebody in a mean way.

My cows are still there living in the world peacefully with their families,
so why not my people?
I will bring a change in this nation—as I am its daughter,
as I grew in it, and as it gave me my place in it.

My country people and I love to stand in rain for hours
and run in the sun in summer,
to smell the grass and feel the greatest joys of the world.
I will never let my dreams just be “DREAMS”—
Why should we not get together and work to secure our bloods?

By Basbibi

Photo: Ashfaq Yusufzai/IPS