I Skype with my family. They gather in front of the small screen to see me, say hi. My mom knows I am sick, even though I don’t tell her. My sister gives up a night of sleep to do my other sister’s work. She does not spend money, because she knows making money is hard for me. My father tells his brothers and friends I am good. My roommate is concerned about me because I study all night. I talk to a friend on Skype. We have nothing to say, but stay on, do our work, connected. I forget there is another page on the test. The teacher waits for me to finish. I sit somewhere and my friends come by to say hi. I catch love.

– Sara


God listens to me, forgives me. My son wakes in the morning, says, “Hello, hello.” I remember my father, his love, love, love for me. My husband smiles. I see people I don’t know. They are happy, make me happy. I help someone in need, see my eyes in the mirror, fall in love with kindness. When readers from all over the world read my words, I am understood as a woman. When Afghans work together to bring peace in Afghanistan, love catches me.

Let’s be gardeners and make a garden.

Let’s name it Love.

– N.


I see the sky, feel my love is like a star. I close my eyes and catch love. When my heart loves someone, I feel life so close. I see that life is very beautiful. When I make someone happy, I am happy. When I cannot speak my heart speech, my hand starts to write. Then, love makes a home in my heart, and I am understood. Life exists for us to be together.

 – Yalda J.

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute.