How I Catch Love



I Skype with my family. They gather in front of the small screen to see me, say hi. My mom knows I am sick, even though I don’t tell her. My sister gives up a night of sleep to do my other sister’s work. She does not spend money, because she knows making money is hard for me. My father tells his brothers and friends I am good. My roommate is concerned about me because I study all night. I talk to a friend on Skype. We have nothing to say, but stay on, do our work, connected. I forget there is another page on the test. The teacher waits for me to finish. I sit somewhere and my friends come by to say hi. I catch love.

– Sara


God listens to me, forgives me. My son wakes in the morning, says, “Hello, hello.” I remember my father, his love, love, love for me. My husband smiles. I see people I don’t know. They are happy, make me happy. I help someone in need, see my eyes in the mirror, fall in love with kindness. When readers from all over the world read my words, I am understood as a woman. When Afghans work together to bring peace in Afghanistan, love catches me.

Let’s be gardeners and make a garden.

Let’s name it Love.

– N.


I see the sky, feel my love is like a star. I close my eyes and catch love. When my heart loves someone, I feel life so close. I see that life is very beautiful. When I make someone happy, I am happy. When I cannot speak my heart speech, my hand starts to write. Then, love makes a home in my heart, and I am understood. Life exists for us to be together.

 – Yalda J.

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute.


  1. Elizabeth Titus says:

    Lovely, and loving, words! I will think of them all day, as I walk around NYC. I am one of your readers from “all over the world,” and I assure you that your words have a great impact!

  2. I think this is very tender and I love this group piece very much.


  3. Yen Lasam says:

    It’s hard to win a battle
    Of limbs, lips and love
    It’s hard to tell yourself goodbye
    To the person who opened your heart
    And again
    And again
    It’s hard to let go
    Of the person who held you
    And over
    And over again
    But life,
    It doesn’t give
    Not a time to spare,
    A time to cry
    Nor a time to mourn
    No matter how hard it is
    You have to learn how to move on
    Up and forward
    Step and hop
    Grow and learn
    The world doesn’t stop revolving
    Just because you’re sad
    It revolves
    And again
    And again
    The rivers don’t stop flowing
    Just because you’re drowning in pain
    It flows
    And over
    And over again
    The clock does not stop ticking
    Just because you’re hurt
    It ticks
    And again
    And again
    Life is too short
    To wake up regretting your past
    So for now,
    Laugh at the confusion
    Smile through the pain
    And remember,
    That everything happens for a reason.

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