Learn from the Gardener

woman gardeningOh humans,

Let’s learn from the gardener
Who has a deep relationship with beauty
A heart full of love
Speaks with grasses
Knows the flowers’ language

Let’s learn from the gardener
Whose dreams are green
Who is never angry with the rose thorns
That prick her hands

Let’s learn from the butterflies
Their method of love
Flying tirelessly
Ending life around a candle

By Kamilah

Photo by melanitaB


  1. Elizabeth Titus says:

    Beautiful and very true words! I especially like your opening, “Oh humans.” You make this a universal plea, to men and women the world over. And the gardener image is perfect. I love the line, “never angry with the rose,” and when I am out in my garden, instead of swearing when I get a bug bite, I will smile instead.


  2. Kamilah, I love this poem. It is full of beautiful images and wonderful insights. The gardener listens, understands and accepts…yes, much to learn from her.

  3. This poems makes me want to leave the city and fall somewhere green! What a lovely poem, Kamilah. Thank you!


  4. This is a beautiful and wise poem.

  5. Farzad Sultanpur says:

    Nice Dear Ms. Kamilah; I am proud of you, Keep up the good work — Be Happy… :)

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