My friend is like a mountain, high and quiet
My friend is like a swift river, full of motivation
And a desert of tulips, bright and loveable
She is kind and full of love and forgiveness
She speaks with honesty and bravery
She is my life’s mirror.

I can explain all my unsaid words and my pains to her
She knows all about me
She can read my wishes
I am proud of myself
For she is my mom
My best friend in the world.

I love her hands for cuddling
I love her voice for singing lullabies
I love her breast for my comfort,
I love her shoulder to lean on when I cannot stand   
I love her heart
Because it is full of love and forgiveness.

Dear mom, I can’t explain it myself  
You are my life’s moon and sun
With you I have all the happiness and luck of the world
You give me strength
I kindly ask you, dear boys and girls, men and women  
Please love and forgive your mom.

She is a resource of kindness, love and forgiveness  
When you were child
She was awake all night because you were sick
Maybe she has made mistakes   
In spite of this
Please love and forgive her.

By Friba  

This work was supported in part by the Fetzer Institute. Mountains of Kabul by Joe Burger.