I think forgiveness can be very difficult but it depends on the person who hurt you. There are degrees.

I cannot forgive my dad’s friend who tried to take advantage of me. Whenever I think about it, I get angry and want to kill him. The same applies to a man we lived with when I was five or six and he tried to take advantage of me. When he died, I was the most happy person on earth. If there is hell in the other world, I hope he is there and I am sure he is. These are first-degree grievances that I cannot forgive.  

Another time, my cousin hit my mom in front of me. My mom was like his mother. I cannot forgive him. My mom forgives him. I wouldn’t harm him, but I have not talked to him in six years. I just stay away from him. Then when I lived with a host family, one of the family members used a very bad word to insult the Prophet Muhammad and my religion. I was emotionally hurt. But later I was able to forgive the person and forget about it. Now we have a good relationship. 

I have a family of nine members. Even for parents who are educated, it is hard to run a family.

Sometimes if my dad wanted me to study or my mom wanted me to do house chores and I did not they would hit me. I still remember this sometimes. I even cry about how I was raised. But despite it, I love all members of my family and where ever I am, I think of them. They are always in my mind. I could easily risk my life for any of them. Without them, I would be nothing. 

By Sara

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute.