niloofar rhmani

I want to tell you – and I mean you
Afghan men:

I know there are many obstacles in my life,
But that doesn’t mean I will give up.
You look at me as a weak, low-spirited girl.
You anticipate a dark future for me.
You all should know that I am a girl,
But I am not weak.

It has been a long time
That you have abused me for being a girl.
You don’t respect me because I want to break with bad tradition,
Because I want to bring changes – freedom – to my life.
You hate me.
My existence disturbs you.
You insult me in the road, at university, on the job.
If I achieve my dreams
You will look at me as a bad person.

But you should know – no one can stop me!
I will make possible
What you made impossible!
I will be the one
Who gets from you my rights as a human!
Even if I lose my life
I will not let you take my dreams.
I will show you:
I am stronger than you think!

 By Maliha

Afghan air force 2nd Lt. Niloofar Rhmani walks the flight line at Shindand Air Base, Afghanistan, prior to her graduation from undergraduate pilot training, on May 13, 2013. Rhmani made history on May 14, when she became the first female to successfully complete undergraduate pilot training and earn the status of pilot in more than 30 years. She will continue her service as she joins the Kabul Air Wing as a Cessna 208 pilot. (USAF/Senior Airman Scott Saldukas)