Come together, Women. Let’s fill the world in
On love, On forgiveness.
What it is to be honest and sensitive to all.
How easy it is to give a smile, make someone happy,
Instead of causing stress and sadness.

When a woman shares, others take comfort,
Feel secure in her arms.
This is what it is to love,
To forgive.
It is a simple message.

Mothers! Sisters! Women, all around the world!
Come, give a hand to the hands that give love,
I am Afghan. You are American. We come from all countries.
We must be the messengers of love
and forgiveness around this world.

Mother of mine, you can be a spokeswoman for peace,
Because you are love, honesty, and sentiment.
You are kind. You sacrifice.
You burn a candle to prepare me to shine.
You laugh and try to create moments of fun to make me happy,
Hold up my hands and imagine success for me.

When I am alone, you are there, your good advice
in my heart. You speak to me about the light I will be.
Make me powerful, teach me to fight life’s challenges,
How to be brave. You have taught me
In spite of being just a girl, I am so able.

My dear Mother, come with me,
Teach all the girls, from every place,
All the girls who need encouragement.
I need you to teach them how to live courageously.
Together, with others, forever.
We can love ourselves and forgive others
because we are mothers, wives and sisters.

When a woman cries in South America or Europe,
When a girl is stopped in Asia or Africa because she is a girl,
When a child needs a piece of bread in Afghanistan,
Nepal or Israel,  
Let us help her.

By Friba

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute.