A long time ago a beautiful baby girl was born into a poor family. The family’s situation was tragic. Her father had no job, and her mother tended the home, but they had no money for clothing or enough food. The girl would cry from hunger, but her mother and father could do nothing. After two or three hours, she would fall asleep.

But this girl grew up to be beautiful, kind, and well behaved and all the people of her rural village loved her. They wanted her to be the queen of their house:  they wished for her to marry one of their sons. But even though traders and rich people came to ask for the girl, her father refused to accept their offers of marriage. He did not want others to taunt him for selling his daughter.

Finally a man who worked as a police officer asked for the girl to be his wife. The man was handsome, honest, and well behaved, and so her father accepted him as his son-in-law. They were married and after a year they became parents of a son. The days went by and they were happy.

But suddenly everything changed. The husband was killed in a suicide bomb attack.

Forty days after the death, the husband’s brother suggested that they find another man for the girl to marry. But she couldn’t forget her husband. How could she be ready for a second husband? 

So she took her son to the village where her husband was buried and she worked as a servant in another family’s home to earn money to feed herself and her son. After a month, she became very sick and couldn’t work. No one helped them. Her baby cried from hunger.

One night while she slept, her son woke up. She lifted him from his bed and took him outside. She brought with them a picture of his father, and she cried. The weather was very cold. Soon the child died of the cold, and then the mother died.  In the morning, when people woke up, they saw both the mother and son’s lifeless bodies and they buried them with her husband. Everyone cried. But nothing was changed by tears.

My message is this: Please stop war and bloodshed and this violence against women. It’s enough. It’s enough. We don’t want war anymore.

By Gharsanay

Photo: Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Images