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I remember my childhood, spent in warm hugs of my sweet father who was a tall, broad-shouldered man with dark skin and sweet big eyes and a loving face.

He was a well known professional in his field and had been a top scorer during college years, and so he wanted to see all of his children score high in school too. When I would score good grades he would shower gifts on me for encouragement.

When exams began, he would promise us a good vacation after the exams as encouragement. When we finished, he would already have  arranged a two- or three-day leave from his office and he would have bought all the provisions for the trip. We were five brothers and three sisters. We would help him get the car loaded with food, blankets, tents, cooking utensils, and sports items so we could leave the next day for a sightseeing trip in the country.

I cherish the memories of those trips that were full of laughter, enjoyment, and all the adventures of hiking and skiing. Most of our pictures were taken on those trips.

We owed all our new gifts, clothes, school bags, books, pens, and pencils to him. We would wait all week long for Fridays when we would undertake a family sightseeing trip.

My father had a very sweet scheme of encouragement for us and, in return, we all would indirectly pay him our respect by respecting his desires for us. He never taunted us on anything but our studies. He used to tell us his wishes of how he wanted to see us when we all grew older and became good professionals.

He was the one who told us good night and the first to say good morning. He managed our house and seldom would share his feelings of the tiresome problems he faced outside. We all would wait on our dining mat for our meals for him to come and then we could start our meal. At the end he was the one saying thank you to Allah for the meal and he would pray for our well-being, good character, health, and successes in life.

If he faced some type of event that had learning attached to it, he would share the experience with us. I remember how he gave me and my elder brother and sister pocket money to train us as good financial managers of our families and homes.

A father and mother are defined under the single term as parent. It is vital for both to equally participate in their children’s upbringing and education. But I think what a child wishes for most is the father’s love because he is out working all day. When he returns home everyone wants his attention.

Now that I am a mother and I have two sweet kids, I wonder whether my kids will have the same cherished memories of their father as I have of my sweet father. I love him the most. He is still here and all my life decisions are made with his suggestions.

By Saifora

Photo: Augustin Pictures