Love and forgiveness are very important in our lives: we must have both and we must use them well.

When we love something or someone very much, we usually forget everything and just think about the love. We think how we have everything we want and we become soft-hearted persons. If we become hard-hearted, no one likes us. 

But what about forgiveness? How does it affect us? It is very useful when we forget and forgive the bad things. We can forgive all the people who live with us—neighbors, friends, families, anyone who makes us angry.

Human beings are not without mistakes. When we sometimes do things that cause a person to become angry, we should apologize and he or she must forgive. Grudges only weigh us down and inspire unhappiness and grief to soar. If someone has made us unhappy we should not have animosity.

Our prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said, “If my nations have animosity more than three days, they are not my nations.” So if someone makes mistakes, we should not allow animosity longer than three days.

If we have done something very bad and we relent and repent and offer apology from the bottom of our hearts, it is without a doubt that Allah will forgive us.

I wish that everyone would share these two things with others so they will pass their lives with lots of happiness.

Love is the kind of thing that just happens—love of our country, family, people, friends, books, although love for Allah is the most beautiful love.

Let love fill our hearts; when hate is in our hearts there is no room for anything else. When love is in our hearts, there is room for endless happiness.

By Amina

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute