This is the beginning way
for love and forgiveness.
The end of the way is not clear to me.

Because in this moment
love and forgiveness are loveable to me.

I want to write about you,
here, in this poem,
about your eyes, their spring song,
about your tender words, their smile of simplicity and honesty.

When you are not with me
I say Allah Hafiz to everyone.
Without you, my beloved,
I am silent, without laughter or speech.

Come to me, open your eyes,
the windows to my darkness, my solitude.
Return home, return again.

Share the beat of my heart,
with all the worlds’ people, who have failed in love.
Please come with me,
love and forgive each other
our lives, too short
when graced with love and forgiveness,
too long, when full of stress and hatred.

By Friba

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute.