I am a leaf, fallen from a tree.
Everyone has forgotten me,
Doesn’t respect me.
I don’t have a place inside
anyone’s heart.
My body feels pain.
I can’t breathe in the fragrant spring air.
I am left to decompose into the dark earth.
I want to live, talk,
but they took my life, tied my mouth.
And time passed—days
became months.
I stayed home, worked there, respected the men,
but their rules inflicted pain, stained me with sadness,
made me feel hopeless.
They accused me of wrongs, broke my heart,
Put me in the corner of the room—


I am not abominable.

I want to speak, raise my voice, claim my rights.

What do they want?

To hit me, hide my head, cover me, tie my hands.

One question cycles through my mind:
           Where can I, a fallen leaf, find justice in this world for a woman like me?

By Nelab