I am lost in a big land
that is always seeing wars and blood.
No one is with me
I am alone,
alone in the darkness.
I have seen many people at war with each other
and they tell each other I won and I won!

We are in darkness and no one can see us.
I am watching, playing, singing my best songs in darkness
but I don’t know anything about myself.
Where I am, who I am?
There is no one to share with me in this land,
because I am alone.

But I will rise in the dark sky of Afghanistan
to bring back the shining sun.
I would love to have my own land
to share and to live in it,
to change the darkness to light,
to give courage to my people.
The courage to be together
and to not be alone.

People think that we are alone
but if they feel for each other they would say,
we are together in this land.
Instead of starting to fight and war, they would say “Welcome”
and if they see the bleeding of people they would stop killing.

By Shahira, age 12