Sometimes I am unhappy
Because there is fighting in my country.
When I am unhappy
Just thinking about good things
Makes me happy again.
My mother said, Be happy all the time
Because you have a good life.

I can say my mother is the best
Woman in Afghanistan
She got married at age 19
And was a widow at 22.
Her husband died in the street,
With no one to help him.

They were so poor,
And my mother was too young.
She had four girls to care for,
And no chance to marry again.
Yet she tells me to be happy.

Now I am in a school with many friends.
I never see them cry,
They say, Let’s play a game!
Let’s just sit and talk!
Talking makes me so happy.

Writing and reading also make me happy,
And so does taking pictures at school.
School is my life now
I am learning and growing,
And finding ways to be happy.

By Madia, age 14