A woman lived in Kabul. Her name was F and she had a husband whose name was A.

They were very poor, but they were so happy. F worked hard because she wanted to help her husband. They had three daughters.

One day, F was talking with her husband she said, “We do not have money.” They always worried about money and her husband went off to work at his shop. When he went into the street, a passing car hit him. Two boys came to help him, but he died.

F was sad, not just because of her husband, but because of her daughters. What would happen to them without a father? Her brother said, “Come live with me,” so she and her daughters went to live with her brother.

Soon after, a fourth daughter was born and this was me. When I was born, everyone said, “This is not good because F does not have a son.” But my mother said, “God gave me this girl,” and my mother was happy.

When I was two years old, my father’s brother said to my mother, “You have no money. You must give me your two oldest daughters.” My mother said, “I can’t give you my daughters.” But my uncle said, “If you don’t give them to me, I will kill your brother.” She was scared and she gave him my two older sisters.

My sisters don’t like to live with my uncle. His home has many rooms and my sisters must cook and clean for his family. He will not allow them to go to school or to marry. He wants them to always cook and clean. Sometimes my sisters are allowed to come visit and they are very happy with me and my other sister M and we all think we are a family again.

My mother works a lot so I can study. I want to be a teacher so I can help my mother and Afghanistan. This is my hope and I will do it.

By Madia, age 14