wheelchair ramp

Afghanistan is still an uneducated country where many people don’t know what education is.

Many people still think that a person who has a disability should stay home and never come out of the house.

This thinking is shameful, but not everyone thinks like this. Like my father said to me, “With a good education we can change everything.” I think all people must learn. Physical problems are not important; for education we only need a good mind.

When I was in school I had some physical problems, but I had such a nice time at school with my teacher and classmates. During my first years, there were no stairs to climb so it was a little bit easier for me to get around, but when our school needed more classes, they built a new block. I had a problem walking there.

When the new block was finished, our principal decided to move our class there. She came to class and she said, “Everybody has to get ready. We are going to the new block and classes.” 

Everyone was happy and they all took their bags and went. I just stayed at the old class.

Suddenly all my classmates looked back and they said, “Why? What happened to you? You don’t want to go with us?”

I said, “No, I don’t want to go with you.” 

They said, “ Why don’t you want to go with us?”

I said, “I can’t go there; I have a problem.”

Then they all turned back to me and they said, “We also don’t want to go; we are happy in this class.”

They put their bags on the old tables again and they all waited with me. When the principal came back, she said, “Why? What happened? Let’s go to the new class.”

All of my classmates said, “No! We don’t want to go because our friend can’t go to that block, so we also don’t want to go.”

The principal said to them, “No worry, we will find some place for her, but now you all should go.” But they just said, “No.”

For another week we stayed in the old classroom and then they decided to make a way for me to go upstairs. When they made it, it was easy for me.

I will never forget that time in school. One day I had many problems, but I finished my school and now I think that I am a strong girl. I think that I have more power than the men who don’t have an education. I changed their ideas. I found trust in school and I found real friends who supported me. Now I know that I can do everything, even if I have a problem.

By Mahbooba 

Photo from Clear Path International, who funded this ramp to a school in Kabul.