bird with rose

You died, Mother, as quickly as a rose,
flew away like a bird bound for the sky.
I am your orphan, miss you now,
my dear angel.
         I used to see love in your eyes.
         I found life in your love.
         I always saw your smile.
Today, Mother, I am needy.
You are not with me, the place you were—
My sister cried as you fell
to your sleep, Mother.
All the family weeps.
This sorrow affects us all.

There is no joy, no laughter,
nothing bright now.
My anxiety weighs, gathers gloom.
I miss you, Mom,
travel inward, into my heart,
because that’s where I can find
the heart of you.
I wish I could fly to heaven
and be with you,
my dear Mother.
Come again and touch my shoulder.

By Nelab


  1. Thank you for sharing this beauty, this honesty, this art for your mother.


  2. Dear Nelab,
    Yes, thank you very much for sharing something so tender and so honest. May that higher source of Love, where your mother found her love, wisdom, and strength to give to you all, comfort you now. Peace to you.

  3. Nelab — This is beautiful, heartbreaking poem. The last line is perfect and so poignant. A very well done tribute that I know you’ve worked very hard on. Great work! Nancy


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