Nadia is from Parwan province. She is a cute girl, and a friend of my sister. After ending school, she marries a boy and comes to Kabul. She is so happy in their new life. After two years she bears a baby daughter. But the baby is disabled. Each of her hands is missing two fingers.

After the baby is born, Nadia thinks that her husband is not in love with her, but that he is only acting. At first he did love her, but after four years, he is becoming bored with his little daughter and his wife.

One day he comes to his wife and says that he would leave to find work. But instead he goes to marry another girl named Trina, leaving Nadia alone with their child.

Nadia can’t accept this. Her mother had died, and she had a brother and younger sister, but they couldn’t help her. So one day she hugs her child and goes to a road and has an accident in a car and they both die.

After Nadia dies her husband comes home and says, “Oh my god, what is it I have done?” He is so regretful.

By Sadaf, age 15