Destiny’s Choices

forkintheroadSome things happen that we never wanted.
How can we say it is fate that decided our wish?
Someone does wrong—is it fate that made it happen?
Could it be simply sinful?
If someone is wronged
Do we nominate fate as the decider?

Don’t put down your pen—write your heart’s speech.
You can change your life with positive thought.
Choose your good direction.
Be positive—that others will think highly of you.
Life goes one way. You choose the right or wrong.

By Yalda J.


  1. So much to think about here, to meditate on–thank you for this. I think about these questions often. Something bad happens, and I look for reasons, something I or the people around us did to bring this upon ourselves :). The good side is that I believe that God and the Universe is responsive–that indeed, we can change our lives with positive thought! So here’s to us visualizing and working towards peace and prosperity for *all*. Thank you for writing and sharing, Yalda! Stacy

  2. Yalda, I draw so much strength from this line: “Don’t put down your pen—write your heart’s speech.” Such lovely words… cannot wait to read more of them from you!

  3. Dear Yalda,
    There is so much wisdom in your words, especially the wisdom to be responsible for one’s thoughts and actions and to be willing to call wrong actions by their true name. Only when we are honest can we improve our lives and our world. Thank you, Yalda!

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