sunrise over range

I am waiting for the moment
When I hear your footsteps
I’ve been waiting a long time    

The sun moves slowly   
I think it ran into trouble  
Stars are still standing in their usual places 

Clouds are moving irregularly in front of the moon
For a short time, moon exudes its shine towards me
The sound of water in the brook at our house is like my heartbeat —

Going along as it always does
As I wait for early sunrise to open my door,
For you to come into my room

And open my window of hope.
Finally my long wait has ended
I don’t know when it happened.

Mina T.


  1. So very beautiful and evocative, Mina. Golden.

  2. Nancy Antle says:

    Mina — Beautiful work! Such a lovely poem. Well done! Nancy

  3. This is mesmerizing, Mina. I love it!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful, poetic imagery, Mina! Do you know who’s photo it is? May I have your/their permission to try to paint it? It will be impossible to capture God’s perfect design but I would love to try!

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